The CRC is divided into three project groups: the natural science m-projects, which investigate molecular factors and mechanisms, the humanities and social science s-projects, which look at systemic mechanisms and relationships, and the z-projects, which provide administrative support for the scientific projects.

Molecular level projects: Molecular factors and mechanisms

M-projects focus on the levels of analysis from cells to organs. We will elucidate genetic switches of sex development, analyze the genome and transcriptome, hormonal and metabolic activity and receptivity related to development and body composition.

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S-projects: Systemic mechanisms and relations

S-projects will focus on the levels of analysis from organisms to societies. We will study and clarify the impact of diversity on disease, and on the behavioural, perceptual, cultural and legal processes of sex/gender diversification. Systemic levels must necessarily include what we can call “epistemic metalevels”, where methodological and conceptual reflection can take place.

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Z-projects: Central projects

The Z-projects, central projects, assist the scientific M- and S-projects.

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