Welcome to the website of the Integrated Research Training Group in the Collaborative Research Center (SFB 1665) "Sexdiversity"

The Integrated Research Training Group offers the enrolled and associated doctoral students in the CRC an interdisciplinary scientific training program within the framework of a structured graduate training program. The scientific training program in the Research Training Group is developed for all doctoral students from the fields of medicine, life sciences, social sciences, humanities and cultural studies and is based on three core modules: (1) Training module, (2) Networking module and (3) Career support module.

The Research Training Group promotes career development for all doctoral students and for postdoctoral researchers within the CRC. It offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from biomedical research, the social sciences, humanities and cultural studies.

With specific formats tailored to this collaboration, such as method workshops, lecture series and annual summer schools and retreats, the Research Training Group promotes the integration gender-theoretical perspectives into bioscientific and biomedical research and the reflection of empirical scientific research in social and cultural gender studies. We want to promote a culture of inclusion. The concept of diversity is intended to bring different perspectives, knowledge approaches and experiences to the fore, thereby strengthening dialog and cooperation within the disciplines involved in the CRC and improving the quality and impact of the research results to be achieved.

The aim of this innovative training program is to enable all scientists involved in the RTG to reflect on and overcome sex- and gender-related prejudices and stereotypes in science, medicine and the humanities.